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Mahnaz Norouzi , Heidarali Abedi , Maryam Farmahini-Farahani ,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (Autumn 2002)

  Background & Objective : Desire for using a contraceptive method depends on individual general attitude and perception about it as well as individual understanding, needs and other people ’ s expectation about using that method . This research is conducted to determine reasons for mothers ’ desire in choosing a specific type of postpartum contraceptive method .

  Methods : This research is a cross- sectional study. The subjects were 384 lactating mothers who referred to Isfahan Health Centers for family planning services for the first time after delivery. The data were collected using questionnaires filled out through interview. Descriptive and inferential statistic methods were used to analyze the data .

  Results : The results indicated that the most commonly used contraceptive method in lactating mothers was coitus interruptus (27.4%). The most common reasons of mothers for selecting this method was its safety (45.3%) and effectiveness (25.1%) .

  Conclusions : Because of the high failure rate of coitus interruptus, health personnel should present proper and enough training to lactating mothers and their husbands about different contraceptive methods. They should also present the application of different contraceptive methods in breast feeding and increase couples ’ ability in making proper decisions as well as choosing safe and suitable contraceptive methods .

Vadood Norouzi , Eiraj Feizy , Firooz Amani , Pouneh Zamani ,
Volume 6, Issue 4 (Winter 2006)

 Background & Objectives: Pain acts as a defensive mechanism of body, which occurs following tissue damage. It is expected in surgical wounds. With regard to negative clinical outcomes resulting from surgery pain, this study was conducted to investigate the quality of pain control after appendectomy.

 Methods: In this descriptive, cross- sectional and prospective study, 200 patients undergoing appendectomy were randomly selected. Pain control in all of the patients was managed for 8 hours using narcotics injected intramuscularly. The patients were studied during 12 hours after surgery. The rating scale of 0-10 grade was used to estimate pain severity. The collected data were analysed by SPSS.

 Results: From 200 patients experiencing appendectomy, 101 (50.5%) were female and 99 (49.5%) were male. Pain was controlled with pethidine, methadon and pentazocin in 123 (61.5%), 51 (25.5%) and 26 (13%) patients, respectively. In 98 (49%) patients there was severe pain following the surgery. The most severe pain belonged to 21 (80.7%) patients who received pentazocin.

 Conclusions: With regard to multiple complications and problems resulting from pain after appendectomy, careful control of pain and more attention is necessary.

Majid Pourshaikhian, Abdolhosein Emami, Rabiollah Farmanbar, Ehsan Kazam Neghad, Vadood Norouzi,
Volume 10, Issue 2 (summer 2010)

  Background and objectives: High incidence of postoperative shivering leads to complications such as increased oxygen consumption, intracranial & intraocular pressure and pain. Some drugs including pethedine, dexamethasone and doxapram are used for prevention of shivering. The aim of this study is to compare the effect of dexamethasone and doxapram in prevention of post-anesthetic shivering.

  Methods: This study is a double blind clinical trial including 90 patients in ASA 1 and 2 classes. The patients were under general anesthesia for elective abdominal and chest surgery with same the anesthesia techniques. Samples were randomly divided into three groups (two drug received groups and one control group). First group received dexamethasone 0.1 mg/kg, the second group doxapram 0.75 mg/kg and the control group 3 ml of distilled water as injection. The visible shivering observed after each treatment. Collected data were analyzed using Chi-square, Fisher exact and ANOVA tests By SPSS 16 and p ≤ 0.05 was considered significant.

  Results: Our results showed a significant difference between shivering in drug received and control groups. Shivering was significantly decreased in drug received groups (p = 0 . 05) but there was no significant difference between them.

  Conclusion: This study showed that both drugs of dexamethasone and doxapram are effective in prevention of post-anesthetic shivering and can be substituted with pethedine. In addition to antishivering effect, doxapram has a respiratory stimulant effect that is, that is clinically important in postoperative stage.

Ali Abedi , Babak Teimorzade, Mehran Zarifi , Vadood Norouzi, Hashem Sezavar , Mostafa Mohammadi Naghade, Saeid Khamane, Rasool Lotfolahzade,
Volume 10, Issue 2 (summer 2010)

  Background and Objectives: Tobacco usage is one of the most common problems in human societies that, In addition of getting several social, economic and health effects, it can cause respiratory, digestive and bladder cancer, also chromosomal and blood factors changes. Little study has been done about hookah effects on human. The aim of this study was to evaluate pulmonary function tests in hookah users in Ardabil city.

  Materials & Methods: In this case – control study, 133 male subjects which have used hookah 3 times a day for at least 3 years or more, were selected from Coffee house of ARDABIL city and then pulmonary function tests were carried out at least triplicate. For comparison of pulmonary parameters, the same number of healthy subjects without hookah consumption in the same age and socioeconomic status were used and spirometery was done. The data were analyzed with SPSS 11 software program and presented as mean ± SD. Statistical significance was assayed by student’s t-test for unpaired data and the differences were considered to be significant at the p<0.05 level.

  Results: Age range of hookah smokers and normal subjects was 17-78 and 20-82 years old, respectively. Age average of hookah smokers and normal subjects was 44.37 ± 14.9 and 41.54 ± 14.46 years old, respectively .Mean differences of age was not statistically significant. The average of PEF, FEV1%, FEV1, FEF25-75 and FEF 25 in hookah smokers were: 7.73, 83.11%, 3.56, 3.81, 6.32, respectively and in normal subjects was: 8.51, 85.69%, 3.78, 4.35, 7.29 respectively. The mean differences between two groups were statistically significant in each parameter (p < 0.05). In this study, there were 27 (20%) COPD patients in hookah smokers. Ten percent of hookah smokers had FEV1% less than 70.

  Conclusion: The results showed that using hookah disrupts pulmonary function parameters. So as cigarette, using hookah may have devastating effects on respiratory system. Knowing about effects of hookah to people, especially to young is necessary.

Seyed Davar Siadat , Hoda Shirdast , Mohammadreza Aghasadeghi, Darioush Norouzian, Seyed Mohammad Atyabi , Seyed Mahdi Sadat , Sanaz Soleymaniyeh , Ali Sharifat , Arfa Moshiri ,
Volume 10, Issue 3 (autumn 2010)

  Background & Objectives: Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is the main antigenic structure expressed on the surface of smooth strains of Brucella. It has been shown that Outer membrane vesicle (OMV) of Neisseria meningitidis efficiently promote IgG and IgM response against the administrated antigen as an adjuvant. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of LPS-OMV noncovalent complex in producing of T helper 1 cytokine (IFN-γ) and T helper 2 cytokines (IL-4 and IL-10) in mice.

  Methods: LPS extracted by an optimized method based on hot phenol-water extraction. Groups of six BALB/c mice were injected subcutaneously with LPS alone, LPS with Freund adjuvant and LPS-OMV complex on 0, 14 and 28 days. Levels of IFN-γ, IL-4 and IL-10 were evaluated in spleen cell suspension supernatant by ELISA.

  Result: Immunization with B. abortus LPS significantly induced high level of IFN-γ in comparison to the other groups immunized with LPS-OMV and LPS+ adjuvant (p<0.05). In contrast, lower levels of IL-4 and IL-10 were elicited by LPS in the rest groups. Immunization with the non-covalent complex of B. abortus LPS-N. meningitidis serogroup B OMV caused a significant increase of IL-4 and IL-10 compared with the mice immunized with B. abortus LPS (p<0.05), while the titer of IFN-γ is still significantly higher than IL-4 and IL-10 (p<0.05).

  Conclusion: The raise of IFN-γ following the immunization with all of the compounds (LPS, LPS-OMV non-covalent complex and LPS+adjuvant) indicates the activation of Th1 population that would be correlated to the clearance of the organism due to the amplification of anti-microbial activity of Polymorphonuclear cells. Low levels of IL-4 and IL-10 following the immunization with all compounds would be a sign of Th1 responses dominancy or inhibition of Th2 population proliferation and activity. Such a cytokine pattern would be a sign of the efficiency of brucellosis subunit vaccine because Th2 responses basically have no role in the immune responses against Brucella and may lead to the persistence of intracellular infection.

Mohammad Rafiei , Vadood Norouzi , Vahid Sadeghifard, Saeid Hoseinnejad , Firouz Amani,
Volume 11, Issue 1 (spring 2011)

  Background & objectives: The hand is one of the sensivitive organs of the body. The hand injuries usually occur in workers and are one of the most common causes of disabilies. The aim of this study was to investigate the causes of the hand injuries leading to defect among industrial workers and farmers’ reffered to emergency department of Fatemi hospital in Ardabil.

  Methods: In a cross-sectional study, from January 2009 to Agust 2010, 100 patients with hand injuries were included. The data were collected by the chek list including: category of severity, time and type of incident, and location and cause of the injuri and then were analyzed statistically by Chi-square test.

  Results : Most of the industrial workers (58%) ranging as 20–29 years old and had 38 years as an average. Sixty two percent of them were working more than 8 hours per day and 64.7% experienced severe injuries in their hands. Amputation showed to be the most common injury in this group. Most of the farmers (30%) were in age group 20-29 years and from them 70% were working less than 8 hours per day. In this group, 54% of injuries occurred in left hand and the most common type of injuries was amputation (54%).

  Conclusion: The highest incidence of hand injuries has been shown to occur among industrial workers with 28 years as mean and working for more than 8 hours per day without any formal training before starting to work. So, it seems to be need we use the expert workers with the high level background and don’t use adolescents under 15 years.

Hamidreza Rahimi , Mohsen Dehghani , Pirasteh Norouzi, Mojghan Fazli ,
Volume 15, Issue 1 (spring 2015)

  Background & objectives: Intestinal parasitic infections are the most health threatening agents around the world, developing countries in particular. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of Giardia lamblia and Enterobiusvermicularis among the children of kindergartens in Shahroud, Iran.

  Methods: In this descriptive cross sectional study from 811 children of 15 kindergartens fecal samples were collected by way of census in 2013. Thisworkwas conductedwith education of parentsandtheirfull consent . All samples were examined at Central Laboratory of Shahroud University of Medical Sciences based on formalin ethyl acetate method. In addition direct smear was also applied for the watery and loose samples. Finally, collected scotch tape samples were examined microscopically. Descriptive statistics indices including means , standard deviations, and frequencieswere used for reporting the results .

  Results: The overall prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among the children of Shahroud's kindergartens was 22.2%. Also, the prevalence of the infections among males and females were 24.1% and 20.4%, respectively. The highest prevalence of infections were belongs to Giardia lamblia and Endolimax nana (7.4 and 4.8%), respectively. Also, Trichomonashominis had the lowest prevalence (0.5%). Prevalence of infection caused by Enterobiusvermicularis was (2.1%), the average agesof children infected by Enterobiusvermicularis and Giardia were 5.1 and 4.7, respectively. There was no difference in order of parasites infection on the basis of gender.

  Conclusion: The prevalence of infection caused by Enterobiusvermicularis among the children was considerably low. Also, the prevalence of Giardia lamblia was lower than the average of its prevalence in countrywide scale. Although the health services have been effectively enhanced, the prevalence of intestinal parasites, Giardia lamblia in particular, is still problematic.

Amirabbas Rashidi, Piraste Norouzi, Hamid Kalalianmoghaddam, Mehdi Khaksari, Mehdi Bagheri,
Volume 16, Issue 1 (spring 2016)

Background & objectives: Diabetes mellitus mediated by oxidative stress, creates serious metabolic disorders in testis. Kudzu root with an isoflavonin and saponin contents is often used as antidiabetic and antioxidant. This study aimed at preventing the oxidative effects of diabetes using Kudzu root.

Methods: In this study, 32 male Wistar rats were randomly selected and divided into four groups: control, diabetic and diabetic rats treated with Kudzu 50 and100 mg/kg. Diabetes was induced by intraperitoneal injection of 55mg/kg streptozocin. One week after injection, the rats started to receive Kudzu at the doses of 50 and 100 mg/kg for five weeks by gavage. Testicular damage was examined by using hematoxylin-eosin staining protocol. Hormonal and blood biochemical factors were measured.

Results: The results of this study showed that diabetes causes a high blood sugar levels and reduces the spermatogonia and Sertoli cells with decreased spermatogenesis,sperm count and function. These effects were improved in the treatment groups. Decrease in blood sugar and increase in the number and motility of sperm cells and spermatogonic cells were also observed together with enhanced seminiferous tubule diameter and lower basement membrane thickness.

Conclusion: Kudzu with the ability to reduce blood sugar, improves diabetic-induced testicular damage and can have a therapeutic role in diabetes.v

Vadood Norouzi , Mohammad Hassanpour ِdarghah, Khatereh Isazadehfar, Zarin Mahnia,
Volume 19, Issue 2 (summer 2019)

Background & objectives: Local systemic filling pressure measurement can be used to determine other hemodynamic parameters such as venous return and the stressed volume. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between local systemic filling pressures and central venous pressure.
Methods: In this study, candidate patients of cardiac surgery in Imam Khomeini hospital of Ardabil, in the first half of the 1397, were chosen and studied by their satisfaction, then an intra-arterial catheter inserted to the upper limb, a tourniquet closed to the same arm.  The arterial pressure measured during the surgery. Central vein pressure was also measured simultaneously. Finally, other variables obtained from transesophageal echocardiography and demographic data were recorded in each patient's checklist.
Results: 43 patients (71.7%) were man and 17 (28.3%) were women. The Mean CVP, MSFP, CO, and CI were 8.3±4.5 mmHg, 17.0±6.1, 3.27±1.1, and 1.89±0.7, respectively. Ten patients (16.7%) had mild heart failure, 42 patients (70%) had a moderate heart failure and 8 patients (13.3%) had severe heart failure. There were positive and significant relationship between CVP and MSFP (r=0.478: p=0.001). The EF status has no significant effects on CVP with SBP, DBP, MAP, CO and CI. There was significant and reverse correlation between PSF value with CO, and CI in severe heart failure (p<0.05).
Conclusion: we concluded that the local MSFP is a good and valuable substitute for CVP measurement, especially in severe heart failure

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