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Mohammad NarImani , Parvin Nakhostine Ruhi , Mahnaz Yosefi ,
Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer 2004)

 Background & Objectives: Postpartum depression, as a mental disorder, is seen in some women and can threaten their mental health as well as their infants. At least 7% of mothers suffer from this problem after parturition. Studies indicate that many variables are associated with this disorder during and after the gestation period. The aim of this study was to achieve the rate of postpartum depression and its relevant variables among women who referred to the parturition ward of Buali and Emam Hossein hospitals in Tehran.

 Methods: In this cross-sectional descriptive study a questionnaire construced by researchers as well as Beck 21- item depression inventory were used to collect the data. The subjects (100 cases) responded to the questions individually in the hospitals. According to the type of variables, X2 nonparametric test was used in the data analysis.

 Results: The results of this study indicated that 17% of the subjects were suffering from moderate and severe depression and among the 14 predictive variables of the postpartum depression four variables, namely, matrimonial dissatisfaction, unwanted gestation, unemployment and low economical status of family have significant relationship with the postpartum depression.

 Conclusion: In comparison with the previous studies, the prevalence of postpartum depression is in higher level therefore, it is necessary to increase the information of parturition ward staff about this disorder and inform them to refer any cases of depression to the counseling centers.

Mohammad NarImani , Yoosof Khonya , Abbas Abolghasemi , Masoud Ganji , Gafar Majidi ,
Volume 6, Issue 2 (Summer 2006)

 Background & Objectives: Clinical findings show that stress can gradually affect the activity of various systems of the body such as immune system and impair them. Different variables potentiate and modify this effect. This research aimed at studying the relationship of personality traits (self-respect, tenacity, type A personality), stress, and stress coping skills with immune system status in nurses.

 Methods: In this descriptive-analytical study, 246 individuals were selected by simple random sampling method. At the first stage, the subjects on the job completed the questionnaires of self-respect, tenacity, type A personality, stress, and stress coping skills. At the second stage to determine the amount of antibodies, 2-cc blood of the subjects was assessed. The data were analyzed using correlational methods.

  Results: The findings indicated a significant, positive and meaningful relationship of immunoglobulin antibody with “self-respect”, and IgM antibody with “type A personality” in male nurses (p<0.05). But there was no significant relationship between the immune system variables and tenacity, stress, and stress coping skills. From among the predictive variables (self-respect, tenacity, type A personality, stress, and stress coping skills) only the stress variable had significant relationship with the criterion variable (IgA antibody)(p=0.05).

 Conclusion: Regarding the results it can be said that self-respect may adjust IgG variable in stress positions (especially in chronic stress). So in hard jobs such as nursing, psychological characteristics should be considered as an important job factor along with physical capabilities.

Mohammad NarImani , Mojghan Khanbabazadeh , Saeid Farzaneh ,
Volume 7, Issue 1 (spring 2007)

 Background and Objectives: Emoployees' job satifaction (JS) is related to multiple factors and one of which is the personality factors. The present study was an attempt to find a relationship, if any, between personality and job satisfaction among Ardabil universities' staff.

 Methods: This descriptive study was conducted on 247 employees who were sampled from a population of 390 individuals working in Ardabil university of medical sciences, Mohaghegh Ardabil University and Islamic Azad University of Ardabil. Instruments used for data collection were Bren Rowiter personality test and standard job satisfaction test. The personality test evaluated neurosis, autism, introversion / extroversion, dominance, self confidence and socialization in the subjects.

 Results: The findings indicated that socialization and self confidence were the most common characteristics among the subjects. These employees enjoyed a moderate to high job satisfaction). Neuresis and dominance tendencies can predict the job satisfaction among the university staff. It was also shown that men had more dominance than women.

 Conclusion:Since there was a positive correlation between self confidence and neurosis with JS, in order to promote JS, it is recommended to hold JT classes aiming to teach methods of controlling anger and improving self-confidence. Besides, the authorities in these universities should be taught to create a sense of respect in the employees rather than criticizing and blaming them. This can enhance self-confidence and improve JS among these employees.

Mohammad NarImani , Malahat Amani ,
Volume 7, Issue 2 (Summer 2007)

 Background & Objectives: Mental retardation is a critical deficiency in cognitive functions, social skills, and adjustment behaviors. About 1 to 2 percent of people are mentally retarded because of various factors. The purpose of this research was to study the prevalence of mental retardation in Ardebil city and determining the role of environmental and Heredity factors on mental retardation. In other words, which of pre-, on-, and post-birth factors as well as environmental factors are related to mental retardation of 7-11 aged children.

 Methods: In order to find out the prevalence of mental retardation, a sample of 500 families were selected by simple random sampling method and were studied by causal-comparative method. Also percentage, frequency, and comparing of two independent groups were used to analyze the data and study the extent of prevalence.

 Results:The results showed that the rate of prevalence of mental retardation is 3.6%, which is higher than the extent of prevalence of the world. Also the results of comparing two groups normal and mentally retarded revealed that familial marriages, in-birth events, fever and convulsion diseases during post-birth period are higher in mentally retarded group. Furthermore, the results showed that the level of mothers’ educations in normal group is significantly higher than that of mentally retarded group. And among the other factors, environmental factors were the most important factors of mental retardation of children in Ardabil city.

 Conclusion:The high rate of prevalence of mental retardation and the role of environmental factors in mental retardation of children in Ardabil city require environmental intervention such as training of families and improving health level of society.

Fariba Sadeghi Movahed, Mohammad NarImani, Sooran Rajabi,
Volume 8, Issue 3 (Autumn 2008)


Background & Objectives: Mental Health is a phenomenon which has been considered by psychologists, medical doctors and religious scholars and it is a combination of physical, social and cognitive factors. Due to the effectiveness of teaching coping skills in increasing mental health, this study was done to achieve the effect of teaching coping skills in providing mental health in students of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences.       

Methods: Due to the nature and aims of the study, the study method was experimental research method. The samples of the present study comprised all male and female students (n=112) at Ardabil University of medical Sciences in 2006-2007 and gained 23 or more in GHQ-28 questionnaire (which evaluates four subscales of anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, and disorder of social functioning). At the next stage the samples (i.e. 80 female and male students) were selected randomly and divided in to two groups. Then, coping skills were taught to the experimental group for 4 weeks (two sessions in a week) and no variable was exposed to the control group during this period. At the end, the data from 62 (Dropt=18 case) individuals were analyzed by independent t test.   

Results: the results showed that teaching coping skills affects on decreasing mental disorders symptoms especially somatization of symptoms and anxiety of students suspected to the mental disorder (R< 0.001). But the teaching coping skills do not affect on decreasing depression and disorder of social functioning of students.

Conclusion: This study showed that teaching coping skills is a good method in decreasing mental disorders symptoms among the students suspected to the mental disorder. Therefore it is suggested that in order to prevent and decrease mental disorders symptoms, the coping skills should be taught to students.

Abbasali Imani Foolad , Zahra Rostami , Reza Shapouri,
Volume 10, Issue 3 (autumn 2010)

  Background and Objectives: Detection of TEM and SHV genes in ESBL producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and their antimicrobial resistance pattern can provide useful information about the epidemiology and risk factors of associated infections. In this study we determined the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and prevalence of ESBLs in clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by phenotypic and genotypic methods.

  Methods: In this analytic-descriptive study, 110 Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from different clinical specimens were used. The pattern of antimicrobial resistance was determined by disk diffusion (Kirby-buer) method. The ESBL production was determined by combination disk method using disks containing ceftazidim and cefotaxim alone and in combination with Clavulanic acid. SHV and TEM types of ESBL producing genes was detected by PCR.

  Results: In this study Co-trimoxazole and Amoxicilin with 96.4% and 92.7% and Amikacin with 17.3% showed the highest and lowest resistance against isolates respectively. According to PCR results 37.5% and 12.5% of isolate were carried SHV and TEM genes respectively and 12.5% of isolate were carried both the SHV and TEM genes.

  Conclusion: According to the results most of the isolates are drug resistant and among the ESBL producing strains the frequency of SHV type is higher than TEM . The isolate ceftazidim resistance was contains SHV (37.5%) and TEM gene (12.5%), that showed SHV and TEM genes play more important role in create of ceftazidim resistance than cefotaxim resistance.

Shaban Alizadeh , Shahab Bohlooli , Ali Abedi , Seiyed Hadi Mousavi , Behzad Jafazadeh, Norooz Hamrang , Ali Imani,
Volume 10, Issue 4 (winter 2010)

  Background & Objectives: Leptin is a hormone secreted from adipocyte tissue with established role in the differentiation and proliferation of hematopoietic cells. This hormone has major impact on fat metabolism. LIF is a pleiotropic cytokine with extensive hematopoietic, neuronal, and endocrine actions. LIF and IL-6 are leading to decreased level of leptin by activating signaling via their own receptors. Body mass index (BMI) has a direct connection with the leptin. It seems that Hb and HCT levels are also implicated in disease prognosis. This study was conducted to evaluate leptin, LIF and IL-6 serum levels and also to measure the amounts of BMI, Hb and HCT in lymphoid leukemia patients .

  Methods: The study was carried out on 30 leukemia patients (15 cases ALL and 15 cases CLL). Fifteen healthy subjects were considered as control. Serum levels of leptin, LIF and IL-6 were measured by ELISA. BMI was calculated by statistical formula. The amount of Hb and HCT were measured by cell counter. Data was analyzed by SPSS software. Statistical differences between groups were assessed by t test, and p<0.05 was considered significant.

  Results: Leptin serum level showed a decrease in ALL patients (p<0.002), but there was an increase in CLL patients when comparing with control group (p<0.003). BMI and serum levels of leptin, LIF and IL-6 were showed a significant decrease in ALL patients in comparison with control group (p<0.05). Although, LIF serum levels and BMI in CLL patients showed a decrease, a significant increase in leptin serum level was observed (p<0.05). A decrease in IL-6 level was also observed which was not significant. The relation between BMI and leptin serum level in ALL and CLL patients were not significant, nevertheless it was significant in control group (p<0.05). Hb and HCT levels in both ALL and CLL patients showed a significant decrease (p <0.05).

  Conclusion: Findings on serum levels of LIF, IL-6, Leptin, Hb and HCT and also its relations with BMI in ALL and CLL patients suggest that, these factors may have important role in physiopathology of lymphoid leukemia.

Abbasali Imani Foolad, Maryam Hosainzadeh, Seiyed Fazlollah Mousavi ,
Volume 11, Issue 1 (spring 2011)

  Background & Objectives: Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a Gram-negative and aerobic bacterium. Exotoxin A is one of the important toxins produced by the bacterium and it is the main cause of mortality. About 90% of P. aeruginosa strains produce this toxin. Biofilm is a functional consortium of microorganisms attached to the body surfaces and bacteria are embedded in extracellular polymeric substances produced by the microorganisms. This bacterium is nontoxic in the planktonic form, but as a biofilm is highly toxic. In this study, we examined the association between the presence of exo-A gene and antibiotic resistance patterns with biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains.

  Methods: In this study 110 strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from various infections with defined antibiotic resistance patterns were used. The PCR method was used to detect the presence or absence of Exotoxin A gene (exo-A). Ability of biofilm formation was evaluated by spectrophotometry. Association between exo-A gene and antibiotic resistance patterns with biofilms formation was analyzed statistically by Fishers and Chi-square tests.

  Results: exo-A gene was detected in 93 strains (84.5%). Sixty two strains were multidrug resistant and they produced broad spectrum beta-lactamase enzyme. Results showed that, exo-A positive strains had significantly higher ability to biofilm formation in comparison with exo-A negative strains (p<0.05). Also the biofilm formation was significantly higher in multidrug resistant and ESBL producing strains (p<0.05).

  Conclusion: The results of this study indicate that there is a significant association between exo-A gene as well as antibiotic resistance pattern and ESBl producing with biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Because of importance of biofilms in the pathogenesis of this bacterium, our study could open a new window for investigation of the molecular processes involved in the formation of biofilms.

Farshad Sheikh Akbari , Bita Shahbazzadegan, Mahdi Samadzadeh, Hosein Ghamary Givi, Mohammad NarImani ,
Volume 11, Issue 2 (summer 2011)

  Background & objectives: Exact diagnosis of mental disorder is important in psychology. With respect to common symptoms in schizophrenia, schizoaffective and bipolar mood, correct diagnosis of these disorders seems to be very difficult. The main goal of this study was to compare the body temperature of schizophrenic, schizoaffective and bipolar mood patients.

  Method: In this descriptive study, 60 schizophrenia, schizoaffective and bipolar mood patients, 20 persons in each group were selected. The patients were interviewed and their body temperature was measured. Finally, the data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA.

  Results: Schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar mood patients had 38.15 ±11.13, 34.8±10.99, and 35.25 ± 9.05 years as a mean, respectively. About 63.3% of individuals had secondary , 15% high school, 16.7% diploma and 5% undergraduate education . About 51.7% of patients had non-governmental job, 8.3% and 40% were employed and jobless, respectively. Among them 45% were single and the rest married. 15% of individuals were admitted once, 25%, twice, 3.3% three times, 20% between 4-10 times and 41.7% frequently. Statistically, there was significant difference between the mean of body temperature in schizophrenia, schizoaffective and bipolar mood patients, (p < 0.001).

  Conclusion: The difference between the body temperature mean in three groups of patients showed that schizoaffective patients were more close to bipolar mood patients, and schizophrenia patients differ in terms of base keeping mean and body temperature balance from two other groups (schizoaffective and bipolar mood).

Maryam Chavoshi Frooshani , Abbasali Imani Fooladi , Sara Saadatmand,
Volume 11, Issue 3 (autumn 2011)

  Background & Objectives: Escherishia coli O157:H7 is one of the most important diarrhea causing agents in developing countries . Using antibiotics cause adverse effects as promoting emergence of antibiotic resistance, fading the microflora of intestine and enhancement of verotoxin (VTEC) production by this bacterium. So, a modern treatment protocol is needed for treatment of infections caused by this bacterium. In this study, Lactobacillus casei (L. casei) was isolated from yogurt and antibacterial effects of bacterial cell debris and its culture supernatant were tested against E.coli O157:H7.

  Methods: Several different samples of yoghurt were cultured in MRS agar in anaerobic conditions at 37 ºC. L. casei was identified by common microbiological and molecular methods. Antimicrobial effects of bacterial cell debris and its culture supernatant were tested against E. coli O157:H7 by using Agar Well Diffusion (AWD) and Broth macrodilution methods. In addition, standard growth curves of pathogenic bacterium and L. casei were obtained by turbidometery and colony count procedures. The MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) and MBC (Minimum Bactericidal Concentration) of supernatant originated from culture of L. casei were determinded. The stability of antimicrobial effects of the supernatant in different conditions of pH and temperature were studied.

  Results: Lactobacillus casei was isolated from two different samples of yoghurts, and confirmed by phenotypic and genotypic methods. The results showed that antimicrobial effects of culture supernatant were stable at 56, 70, 80and 100 ºC for 30 and 60 minutes. Furthermore, they were stable in pH of 3, 7 and 10. The MIC and MBC of supernatants were 1:16 and 1:8 respectively.

  Conclusion: According to the results of this study, culture supernatant of L. casei can be used as a biological preservative in food industries. Also due to antimicrobial effect of L. casei, it can be used in treatment of diseases associated with E. coli O157:H7.

Akbar Atadokht , Mohammad NarImani, Batool Ahadi, Abbas Abolghasemi, Adel Zahed , Manoocher Iranparvar,
Volume 13, Issue 2 (summer 2013)

  Background & objectives: Diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disorder that has negative effect on physical function, psychological condition, interpersonal, family and social relationship and in general, on psychological well being. The aim of this study was to investigate of psychological profile in diabetic patients and it's relatioship with social support.

  Methods: In this descriptive-correlational study, 120 diabetic patients have been selected among of those that systematically refered to Diabetes Clinic of Emam Khomeini Hospital in order to follow their therapeutic process in Ardabil . Data gathering was accomplished by two tests: SCL-90-R and Social Support Scale. Finally data were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and T-test on SPSS-17 software and p-value less than 0.05 considered as significant.

  Results: Results showed that 70% of diabetic patients had problems in somatic complaint and obsession, 62.5% in sensitivity, 72.5% in depression, 62.5% in anxiety, 55% in hostility, 67.5% in paranoid thoughts, 27.5% in phobia and 37.5% in psychosis. Correlations between social support with somatic complaint, obsession, sensitivity, depression, anxiety, hostility and paranoid thoughts were negatively significant. Family support associated significantly with all of the psychological variables but friend Support had no significant correlation with them.

  Conclusion: The range of psychological problems experienced by diabetic patients is more extensive and these problems have significant relationship with social support. Thus, attention to different dimensions of psychological health is necessary and social support-based interventions can be more effective.

Fereshteh Sharifi Ferdoey , Shiva Irani, Mojghan Zandi, Masoud SoleImani,
Volume 14, Issue 3 (Autumn 2014)

  Background & objectives : T he main goal of tissue engineering is regeneration and restoration of damaged tissues and organs, besides being used in medicine . Scaffolds are the main segments for tissue engineering, and plasma surface modification is one of the modern methods used for surface modification on polymer scaffolds. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of nano-fibers with different densities on fibroblasts' behavior besides the plasma surface modification.

  Methods : Poly Ɛ-Caprolactone nano-fibers (PCL) were developed by an electro-spinning technique at different collecting times. These nano-fibers were then modified by oxygen plasma. Cellular attachment to the nano-fiber and their morphology were evaluated using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and cellular activities were also studied by 3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol- 2-yl]-2,5 diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT). Scaffold biocompatibility test was assessed using inverted microscope.

  Results : Scanning electron microscope images of nano-fibers showed that increase in time of spinning has significantly heighten fiber density, on the other hand plasma surface modification of nano-fibers had significant effects on their respective biocompatibilities. The result of cell culture showed that nano-fiber could support the cellular growth and replication by developing 3-dimensional topography.

  Conclusion : Our results showed that increase in time of spinning and using plasma surface modification of nano-fibers by oxygen plasma would result in providing surface with the highest similarity to the extracellular matrix.

Naeim Erfani Majd , Zahra SoleImani, Ali Shahriari, Mohammadreza Tabandeh,
Volume 17, Issue 1 (spring 2017)

Background and Objective: Since Abelmoschus esculentus plant has many medical benefits, the present study aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects of Okra Powder (Abelmoschus esculentus) against high-fat diet fed-streptozotocin (HFD/STZ)-induced diabetic rats.

Methods: In this experimental study, 25 Wistar Albino female rats were randomly divided into 5 groups: I: control group; II: healthy rats receiving A. esculentus (200 mg/kg); III (HFD/STZ group): Rats fed with high-fat diet (HFD) (60% fat) for 4 weeks and then injected low-dose STZ (35 mg/kg); IV: diabetic rats receiving A. esculentus (200mg/kg) and V: diabetic rats receiving metformin (200 mg/kg). At the end of experiment, biochemical parameters, including Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG), insulin levels, Homa-IR index, ALT, AST and lipid profile were measured. Pancreas and Liver samples were removed, and 5-6 µ sections were prepared and stained by H&E and aldehyde fuchsin staining.

Results: All the biochemical parameters, except HDL-C and insulin, were increased in diabetic rats, while these parameters were decreased in Okra supplementation group compared to diabetic rats (p<0.05). Furthermore, Okra improved the histological impairments of pancreas and liver, including vacuolization, and decrease of β-cells as well as hypertrophy and vacuolization of hepatocytes in diabetic rats.

Conclusion: Okra powder improved biochemical parameters, liver structure and restoration of beta cells of pancreas in diabetic rats. Thus, it can be considered a complementary therapy to improve diabetic patients.

Mahsa Amini, Bahram Golestani Imani , Behzad Baradaran,
Volume 17, Issue 4 (winter 2018)

Background & objectives: Micro-RNAs are non-coding RNAs with a length of approximately 22 nucleotides, which, by binding to the target gene's mRNA, regulate its expression and play an important role in tumor suppression. Changes in the expression level of microRNAs play a crucial role in the pathobiology of multiple cancers. In this study, the expression levels of miR-143 and miR-338 were compared in gastric cancer and its margin.
Methods: This case-control study was performed on 35 biopsy samples of gastric cancer and adjacent tissue of the patients who were admitted to Imam Reza Hospital. Total RNA was extracted from the tissue using Trizol reagent and based on the company's instructions. Then, the acquired microRNAs were used to synthetize cDNA. Expression of microRNAs was measured by RT-PCR. U6 was used as a house keeping gene. Statistically, the obtained results were analyzed using Graph pad Prism software.
Results: According to the results obtained in this study, the expression levels of miR-143 (p≤0.1244) and miR-338 (p≤0.0059)  in tumor tissue, compared to the adjacent tissue,  were down-regulated. Reduced expression of miR-143 and miR-338 in the tumor tissue, in comparison to margin tissue, was about four folds.
Conclusion: This study showed that the average expression level of miR-143 and miR-338 was significantly decreased in gastric cancer tissues compared to adjacent non-tumor tissues, and these results strongly suggest that miR-143 and miR-338 may play a key role in gastric cancer progression; therefore, they may be considered tumor markers.
Shahriar Hashemzadeh , Davood Imani , Reza Javad Rashid , Mohammad Kazem Tarzamani , Sajjad Pourasghary ,
Volume 18, Issue 1 (spring 2018)

Background & objectives: 10 year survival rates for thyroid cancer is about 90%, but papillary thyroid cancer often spread to regional lymph nodes resulting in survival rate falls below 90%. In patients with thyroid cancer, cervical lymph node metastasis risk is about 20 to 50 percent. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between ultrasound results and the involvement of lymph nodes before thyroidectomy and compare it with the pathologic response after thyroidectomy in patients with non-medullary thyroid cancer.
Methods: 60 patients with thyroid cancer were randomly selected and entered into the study. Ultrasonographic examination of cervical lymph nodes was performed by two radiologists using an ultrasound machine in all patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Patients underwent total thyroidectomy and neck lymph node dissection by surgeon.
Results: In papillary thyroid cancer, there was a significant relationship between ultrasonographic results and pathologic outcomes in determining the presence of cervical lymph node metastasis before thyroidectomy. And also, there was a significant relationship between the results of ultrasonography and pathologic findings in determining the location of affected lymph nodes.
Conclusion: Compared to histological examination, ultrasonography can be a useful tool in determining the location of affected cervical lymph node in thyroid cancers before surgery.
Sara Taghizadeh , Alireza Moradian, Mohammad NarImani ,
Volume 19, Issue 1 (spring 2019)

Background & objectives: Chronic illnesses are one of the most important causes of mortality. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between perfectionism and stress with life satisfaction in cardiovascular patients.
Methods: The research method is descriptive correlational. The statistical population of this study included patients who came to receive the services in Ardabil in the first half of 1396. The sample consisted of 60 cardiovascular patients who were selected by simple random sampling. Data was collected using questionnaires of perfectionism scale, stress scale and life satisfaction scale. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis using spss-19 software.
Results: The results showed that there is a significant negative relationship between perfectionism and life satisfaction. Also, there was a significant negative relationship between stress and life Satisfaction (p<0.01). In other words, with increasing stress, life satisfaction decreases. There is a multiplicity relationship between perfectionism and stress with life satisfaction (p<0.01).
Conclusion: The results of this study showed that reducing the perfectionism and stress of individuals helps to increase the satisfaction of people from life and also effective in the process of treatment.
Somaieh Matin, Yousef Imani Marani, Hossein Salehzadeh,
Volume 19, Issue 3 (atumn 2019)

Background: Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a rare and progressive cholestatic disease characterized by narrowing of the biliary tract. Despite high levels of ulcerative colitis, early diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis before the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease is rarely reported.
Case history: A 28-year-old woman with no history of medical disease visited our clinic because of a mild generalized pruritus. In initial blood laboratory tests with elevated liver enzymes was observed. In Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) was introduced primary sclerosing cholangitis to the patient. Therefore, the patient was under colonoscopy and extensive colitis with terminal ileum involvement was detected and the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was confirmed in the pathology.
Conclusion: Patients diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis should undergo biopsy colonoscopy to rule out inflammatory bowel disease, even if they have no digestive tract symptoms
Anoushirvan Sadigh, Ebrahim Fataei, Mohsen Arzanloo, Ali Akbar Imani,
Volume 19, Issue 4 (winter 2020)

Background & objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine the bacterial bioaerosols in indoor air of Ardabil universities and to investigate the factors affecting their concentration in Ardabil city.
Methods: Air sampling was performed using Andersen single-stage sampler at a flow rate of 28.3 liters per minute and a respiratory range of 10 min. In this study, trypticase soy agar containing cycloheximide antibiotic was used for bacterial culture. Biochemical tests such as DNase, catalase, oxidase, coagulase, bile esculin hydrolysis test, urease, citrate test, antibiotic resistance to novobiocin, bacitracin and optochin were used for identification and differentiation of isolates.
Result: The mean bacterial concentration in Ardabil university of medical sciences in the open air, outside the college, the halls, the classrooms and the staff rooms  was 18, 88.4, 76.6, 77.4 CFU/m3 , respectively. The concentration of bacteria in Islamic Azad university of Ardabil in the open air, outside the college, the halls, the classrooms and the staff rooms was 103, 97, 124, 132 CFU/m3, respectively. The dominant species of bacteria in indoor air were Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Actinomycetes and Bacillus, respectively.
Conclusion: According to the results of this study, it is found that the concentration of bacterial bioaerosols in indoor air is not more than standard, but the abundance of bacterial species can cause lung, intestinal and other diseases in academic personnel, staff and students in the long-term.

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